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Configure: Activant Compass Analytical Software

SKU: Compass
Compass Analytical Software

The Activant CompassTM software is a performance management tool designed to provide you with greater visibility into your business to help enhance its success. With this powerful tool, you can customize reporting to suit your particular needs and make better and timelier decisions. With Activant Compass product, you have an application designed to harness the power of the data collected by your Activant system. When you need it, the Activant compass solution provides your business information to you in an intuitive manner so you can make confident decision, both strategic and tactical, to continually advance your business.

  • Make employees more productive by designing queries and dashboards for their unique needs
  • Display information the way you want it, in an easily customizable interface
  • Realize a rapid time-to-benefit ratio by quickly designing queries with drill-down capabilities and sharing these across multiple dashboards; each designed for a specific business need or user
  • Enable data-level security designed to prevent unauthorized employees from gaining access to protected information

Analytics and Reporting

Activant Compass Analytical Software - Compassi

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